Driim.productions is an esport event association based on Trackmania.

After 5 years of experience in the competitions organization, it’s in 2021 that Maxime « Hekta » L. decides to found DRIIM.productions
with Florian « Karalys » M. in order to professsionalize competitions and to imagine high quality events.

We are behind dozens of projects and our main goal is to develop the international competitive esport scene of Trackmania.
We mainly focus on the organization of elite competitions, such as the French Cup, the German Cup or even the Benelux Cup.

We also propose sometimes competitions where the main goal is to have different levels players and styles to bring the community closer together.
The best example is the French Regional Tournament, our oldest competition.
Well anchored in the calendar, this tournament has been able to stand out thanks to its participants who are new since they are the regions of France.

Today, Driim.productions has 10 members all united by the passion of esport and ready to offer you the best possible events!

Maxime "Hekta" L.


Florian "Karalys" M.


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